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What Is A Function Of Vitamins And Minerals Quizlet

what is a function of vitamins and minerals quizlet

chapter 7 section 2 vitamins, minerals, and water ,list the functions of vitamin a, vitamin c, and vitamin d. vitamin a: keeps eyes and skin healthy; needed for growth and for strong bones and teeth. vitamin c: .nutrition module 7 questions flashcards, body functions, help drive cell processes, play a structural role in the body / they differ in vitamins are bonded elements and minerals are single elements..nutrition vitamins & minerals flashcards,-typically not stored in body, excess is secreted. -should consume daily. -some function as antioxidants.vitamin b12 is absorbed in the lower part of your small .vitamins and minerals flashcards,deficiency of vitamin a can cause __ changes, decreased __ function, slowed __ in children, and is often linked to ___ deficiency (required for retinol binding .

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