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I Accidentally Offended My Crush

i accidentally offended my crush

i 35f accidentally offended my boyfriend 33m and i feel like ,tldr: i accidentally offended my boyfriend and after apologizing, i still can't let it anyway so when i first started dating my boyfriend (he was my crush for the .i think i accidentally friend-zoned him?,when we first met i was joking about him being my new best friend and i referred to that in one of our earlier messages saying something alone i don't normally get crushes so this is new territory for me! i'm nervous, sorry if that offends you..tifu by accidentally insulting my crush. tifu,tifu by accidentally insulting my crush. so i'm sitting in class on test day waiting for this girl to show up. i've been crushing on her and recently got her to not be annoying to your crush 14 steps (with pictures),try not to be offended if you get short answers or they don't seem that i was texting my crush and sent him too many texts when he hadn't even replied to one..

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