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Dryer Sparks And Trips Breaker

dryer sparks and trips breaker

troubleshoot household electricity general reference for ,the electric dryer is connected to one 240 volt breaker. the ac is amps cause heat. when heat on the wire exceeds amp rating of breaker, the breaker trips off power to the circuit. afci does the same plus trips when spark is detected..why does my dryer trip a circuit breaker?,if the dryer is tripping the circuit breaker, it's possible that the circuit breaker itself is malfunctioning. circuit breakers trip as a safety precaution to prevent an .why sparks when plugging into an outlet is it serious ,electrical fires and getting shocked are a concern when there are sparks when big power draws include space heaters, micro-waves, hair blow dryers, toasters, etc. there are afci breakers and outlets that are designed to trip (shut off the .live ground wire in dryer,i am connecting a 4-wire cord to a dryer which use to have a 3-wire cord. if i touched the disconnected wire back to the ground, i got sparks, which point (in the dryer or at the receptacle) will not cause the breaker to trip, .

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